Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Weekly List

I'd like to start a weekly wishlist/neat-things-I-like feature on this here blog of mine where I can share some of the things I've been coveting/inspired by while exploring the web. I feel like a weekly feature would help me keep on track regarding how often I'd like to post (much, much more frequently), and a list of rad things seems like a great place to start.  So, without further ado:

I've been wanting to read The Ocean at the End of the Lane ever since my dear friend, Kira, told me of its existence.  Neil Gaiman is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers.  I recently read American Gods and loved its general radness immensely.
this ring from paper & chain has been on my wishlist for a while now.  I love jewelery with raw, natural elements. 
I've been looking for some art for our new apartment, and this print by Wesley Bird hits just the right wanderlust and Tolkien nerd spots simultaneously. 

these flats from Modcloth would be so perfect for early Autumn.  When the semester begins, I'm going to need more of a professional flair for when I'm teaching freshmen students French.
this caramel apple bath bomb from The Lemon Dahlia sounds like it smells amazing.  I love taking fancy baths.  The only way a bath with this bath bomb would be better is if I had me a cup of tea and was reading a good book.  Fancy literary bathtub tea party.  Yes, I believe that would suit me.

Ben and I are thinking of looking for a dog (or two) as soon as I drive back up to Salt Lake this weekend.  He's always had poodles, and I, though decidedly a cat person (who still loves dogs), have always been fond of corgis. Originally we were hoping to adopt a cat, but we found out we can't have them where we live, so now I'm looking forward to making friends with a little pup, and this adorable collar would make a perfect gift for our future new addition.
After reading this post that Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky wrote a while back, I've really been wanting to read Quiet by Susan Cain.  I'm definitely an introverted person, and growing up I felt a bit pressured to behave in a more extroverted way.  By doing so I've come across some great opportunities, but that comes with the unpleasantness of feeling like a phony at times.  It's nice to see something that praises being quiet, thoughtful, and self-sufficient for a change.
these mini planters from Wind and Willow are just lovely.  I've been slowly collecting plants to put in the apartment, and these would be perfect for little green things.
this skirt is just plain groovy, and I'm SOOOO MAD that it's no longer available for purchase.  I would have worn the hell out of this skirt this autumn, damn.
This dress is absolutely dreamy, and again, so perfect for early fall.  Burgundy is definitely one of my colors.

Well, there you have it, a list of stuff. And things. To enjoy...mmmyep.

Ariel Rose

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life in the Form of Instagram

*getting pumped about the move*

*first morning in the new apartment, enjoying a cup of coffee and some Pinterest*

*back in Cedar City for work, but spotted a fancy bit of Sierpinski Triangle chalk art while walking around campus*

*violet white mocha at The Grind*

*tiny mushrooms spotted at the library*
*Renaissance Fair finds: wrap skirt, a beaten copper cuff, and a patch with a most dapper depiction of Nikola Tesla, which admittedly has nothing to do with the Renaissance, but Tesla was a badass, so yeah*
*behold, our new place came with some really rad pieces for us to enjoy, like this groovy dresser (which I do indeed dig) and that lovely woodsy painting*

*back in Cedar (again) just enjoying the desert a little and appreciating the beauties of home despite being excited to explore a new city and a getting a fresh start*

Ah, man, speaking of life being crazy.  The last few weeks have been filled with driving, moving, unpacking, driving, work, more driving, more and packing, and even more driving if I haven’t mentioned that enough (or have I? gasp!).  Ben and I finally have everything unpacked in our new place, though I keep bringing up stragglers every time I go back to Cedar for work.  My current job at the university ends on August 1st, so I get to drive up to live permanently in about a week, after I take care of a few more things here in the south.   I’ve managed to record some of what I’ve been up to using Instagram, which I actually didn’t start using until just before moving time.  It’s kindof out of necessity being that my Panasonic point and shoot has managed to get an obscene amount of dust all over its image sensor, so I’ve been getting a bazillion little black dots on every picture I take.  Curses, Utah dust, I’ll defeat thee one day. 

Ariel Rose 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Life Lately

Holy Cannoli, has it really been this long?  More than a year since I’ve last posted anything here?  I suppose I have been fairly busy all this time, what with the finishing college, applying to graduate school, working, and generally living life (plus I’m lazy), but I’ve missed blogging dearly.   I’m envious of the ladies who get to do this as a profession, but alas, I’ve chosen the path of an academic, which means endless reading, loads of research, and hours of teaching are going to vie for my time for the rest of my working life.  But I guess I feel like doing more with my free time than watching entire seasons of TV shows in a weekend and playing Sims 3 until I start responding to questions in Simlish.  Those things are rather fun, mind you, but variety, man, variety.

So, big, exciting news:  I’m moving to Salt Lake City!  I was accepted into a master’s program at the University of Utah (French language and literature).   I stayed in my hometown for undergrad thingies, but I can’t get away with free parental room and board any longer, so Ben and I are moving up this Friday.  Seriously, 22 and I’m only just moving away from home, heh.  Ben and I found a great place in West Jordan (suburbs are cheaper) that’s refreshingly inexpensive and comes with some really fantastic antique and mid-century furniture, courtesy of Ben’s grandfather, our landlord.  When we get settled I’ll post a photo of the amazing dresser I get to use, a dresser which, as Ben knows well, I really dig. 

I’ll miss my room at home a bit.  I wanted to save some photos of it before it gets all sad and empty.  After all, I’ve spent 12 years making it my own and such, but honestly, I’m much more excited to get all of our things arranged in the new place. I’ve got a thing for reorganizing furniture and redecorating.  It makes life fresh. 

And I’ll miss this little fluffdog.  Her name is Pixie A.K.A The Pix, and she belongs to Ben’s parents in Milford.  I’ve visited their house on a weekly basis since Ben moved back to his hometown for work, and I’ve become quite attached to her fluffulness.  I went up to visit for the 4th, and she was so frightened by the evening’s fireworks that she just buried her little head in Ben’s arms, the poor fluff.  I’ll leave you with some shots from the next day: a recently-bathed The Pix enjoying a romp around the house and nomming on Ben’s hands.  

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

-Ariel Rose

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saints, Bells, & Bones

Hello there everyone!

It took a bit longer than I expected to get around to my first post since my return from France.  The past few weeks I’ve just been enjoying some much needed family and boyfriend time and getting my life a little bit more in order. After catching up on some reading and going through the ridiculous amount of pictures I took while abroad, I suppose I’m finally organized enough to make an actual post.  I feel a tad guilty for not posting about the things I did on my trip as they were happening, but better late than never, I guess.
One of the very first things I saw while in Paris was Notre Dame.  I got up with the sun and had a pretty tasty breakfast (my host family thankfully kept plenty of cereal in stock.  My American stomach’s not used to having just coffee and a tiny crust of bread in the morning as is typical for French breakfasts).  I rode the metro to the Saint-Michel Notre Dame stop just south of the Seine and walked across the bridge to l’Île de la Cité.  In the square before the cathedral there were tourists, great hordes of tourists and flocks of pigeons, several of which were slowly enveloping one lady who had been a little too liberal with her dispersal of seed and breadcrumbs.

The inside of the cathedral was, of course, stunning in both size and in the amount of gorgeous detailed work present in every single corner.  I opted to pay to get into the treasury exhibit (€4), a choice that was well worth the cost.  My dad loves Catholic artifacts and things so I managed to get some nice pics for him of crosses and one very sparkly monstrance.  I was also able to get up close to the lovely stained glasswork and even got to see several beautiful reliquaries. The one below actually had an enormous piece of one saint’s jawbone! It was all so wonderfully macabre and I was reminded of my serious love for Cadfael, the crime fighting monk, played by Derek Jacobi, of course.

Later as the group stood in line to climb the bell towers, it started raining a bit and I was terribly glad to have remembered my umbrella. It rained quite a bit during the three weeks I spent in Paris and a couple times I got drenched on the way home on one of those days when I didn’t pack it.  The weather liked to be deceitful, pretending to be all sunny then dumping rain all over.  Grr.  Anyway, I must have been well prepared that day because I also chose to wear my tennis shoes instead of sandals for the lengthy climb up the towering (heh) spiral staircase to see the bells.  When we all got to the top we were rather winded, but then got to see my old pal, Emmanuel, the very, very fat and happy 13-ton bell.
And then there was the view: 
I’m still blown away by it.

Ariel Rose

P.S.: This post was brought to you by: Parisian pigeons who like to sit on gargoyle heads.  I was the only one in the entire study abroad group who found pigeons adorable.  My professor kept calling them rats with wings, but I like rats, too, so I wasn’t quite deterred from saying “aw” whenever one of the birds got all fluffy.